Labyrinth Rattery

 " You remind me of the babe"

About me

My name is Jazmine Huddy and i have been a part of the rat fancy and NFRS for about 4 years now and don't plan on escaping it anytime soon !

I live in Cranleigh, Surrey on a small farm with my other half; Jamie , my two dogs Bear & Django, my mischief of rats and many farm animals.
Keeping rats has been a passion of mine since I got my infamous first pair of does Hester and Ouni who were found under a bush in a cardboard box, I found them simply fascinating and have been hooked since then.




My First Rats.

My next door neighbour was a rat breeder (NFRS registered) and so I felt like I had stepped into heaven when I was offered the chance to go and meet her motley crew of of misfits and meet my first breeder rats, I knew from then on I would love pair of breeder rats next.


Fast forward about a year and I got my first breeder rat from Sharon Williams at Fugly/Seagull Rattery, I had called her up after seeing her advertising some beautiful blue dumbo rex baby rats and to say it was love at first sight would be an understatement, the same night a friend of a friend of mine offered me a rat she had got for her python that the said snake had decided not to eat and she was stuck with, of course being me I leapt at the chance and got on a train in the thickest snow we had, had for ages and went to collect "him" when I got there it was blatantly obvious that "he" was actually a "her" , none the less she came home with me, a beautiful champagne top ear smooth hooded doe named nelly.

It was about a week later when I travelled up on train to meet Sharon and the bundle of fluff soon to be mine,i have never experienced excitement like it.
Stepping into the warm of her house I was handed about 6 baby boys rats who climbed and explored me, but one in particular slipped into my hand, got comfortable and started to lick my palm and then promptly went to sleep, he had picked me and I knew he was the one coming home with me.

All through the 3 hour travel home via train and bus he sat in my hand,licking,sleeping and accepting the odd treat of tit-bit of food but I was stuck with a dilemma, nelly was a girl(or doe) and noonoo as he was now known due to being a small furry blue hoover was a boy(or buck), and so it was that I adopted three further rats, penny a mother type rat from Sharon and two boys adopted from the pets at home adoption centre whom I named guinea pig and pumba.



From then on I haven't been without rats and although sadly gone Noonoo will always be my world and my baby and I will always miss him so badly, he was also the foundation to my breeding line of which I am forever indebted to Sharon and Noonoo
So Sharon if you read this THANKYOU !

picture 1. Noonoo & I
picture 2. Nelly pea fishing
picture 3. Noonoo relaxing
picture 4. Guinea pig & Pumba
picture 5. Nelly,Pumba,baby Noonoo & penny !
picture 6. Guinea Pig.