Labyrinth Rattery

 " You remind me of the babe"


Quotes I recently got the sweetest little buck, Albert from Jaz to go with my baby rescue. Her rats were all beautifully clean and really friendly. I was asked to complete a lengthy questionnaire before she accepted my request, which is always a great sign of a reputable breeder. Her rats all had amazing temperaments and I was introduced to all of Albert's family - mum, dad, brothers and other rats she owns, not to forget, Bear and Django the lovely dogs too! I would not hesitate to recommend Labyrinth Rattery. If I were to get more rats from a breeder, I'd only trust Jaz. It was evident that her rats are truly loved and well cared for. Thank you SOOO much for Albie! He really is perfect in every way! x Quotes
Ratty Heaven

Quotes I really wanted to thank you Jaz for my amazing rat- rats! they are the nicest creatures I have ever known, and I am not just saying this because I am biased. Also, thank you for being so patient with me when I was bombarding you with questions and for giving me such informative and useful answers. Furthermore, I must confess that the day I came to meet the baby rats was one of the most amazing one ever. I think that bringing all of them out on the sofa with me was a really good way to meet them and helped me chose (although it did take me ages). Finally I have to confess that I was worried about the idea of a breeder in general and had many prejudices, but I am really glad you proved me wrong on every one of them. Quotes
Thank you so much for my lovely ratties!

Quotes I met Jaz a while ago and would recommend her rats to anyone. She loves them all and has taken on several of my older retired rats as she gives them the perfect retirement home. To see Jaz with her beloved NooNoo was an amazing experience and if you want well loved babies then this is definitely a site to be looking at. Quotes
Sharon Williams
Fugly/Seagull Rattery

Quotes We got our three girls, Pixie, Treacle and Doris from Jaz and they are very loving and were totally at ease with us from the start. We would highly recommend Labyrinth Rattery to anyone who wants their ratties to have the very best start to a happy life. Thanks Jaz. Quotes
Marion Reeves
Mummy to Treacle,Pixie and Doris

Quotes Jaz is a fantastic rat breeder who helped us out massively when we started keeping rats. The girls we have had from her are friendly and lovely. She is a genius when it comes to advice regarding care and behaviour, and I would highly recommend Labyrinth Rattery to anyone interested in keeping rats. Cannot thank Jaz enough!! Quotes
Chris Roberts

Quotes Could not recommend Jaz ENOUGH! Not only is she a great friend of mine, but her rats are amazing! My two boys from her are healthy, happy and OH SO friendly! And I LOVE them to pieces; they will be my first stud bucks when I start to breed, & I will be PROUD to say my line started with Labyrinth rats! Quotes
Katy Lang
New mum to Finnick & Beetee

Quotes Am so satisfied with the rats I have from Jaz. I have had three gorgeous rats, all of which are healthy, friendly and cuddly! All are very friendly and exploratory, and very well trained! I recommend Jaz and the Labyrith rattery for her friendly and helpful etiquette. Quotes
Maria Diaper

Quotes We got our wonderful Unsub from Jaz, and she was truly special and amazing. She was one of the friendliest rats that I have ever met and everyone loved her. She was always first to the cage door and straight out onto our shoulders, always wanting to be with us. She qualified as an NFRS silver pet champion too. We would highly recommend Labyrinth Rats. Quotes
Kate Rattray
Mum of unsub/digby's daughter

Quotes I can't reccommend Labyrinth Rattery enough. One of our therapy rats was raised by Jaz and he is a total star, bringing joy to all he meets. Her ratties are all kept well, healthy and socialized. You can't go wrong with a Labyrinth Rat ! Thank you Jaz ! Quotes
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