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FAQ or Frequently asked questions!

Q: What's the difference between male and female rats ?
A: Males or bucks as they are known tend to be larger, slightly more lazy and more interested in bed than a run around. Females or does tend to be very playful and interested in their surroundings (very fun to watch). But ultimately it's down to personal preference whether you choose girls or boys and all of them have such different personalities, you can get lazy girls and very active boys, good luck choosing !

Q: What bedding can I keep my rats on ?
A: There are many types of bedding to choose from Finacard, Bedmax, Auboise, shredded paper are just to name a few, my personal favourites are Bedmax and Auboise but again it's down to what works best for you and the rats.

Q: How do I choose a cage for my rats and how big does it need to be ?
A: Again there are many, many different types of cages to suit every owner and their rats but size is the first thing you need to look at, first of all how many rats do you have? the more rats, the more space, a very helpful guide is the cage calculator although this should only be used as a guidline and not strict rule. As to choosing which cage now you know how big it needs to be is down to personal preference, my favourite cages are Freddy(s) and Explorer cages.

Q: What do you feed your rats ?
A: I feed a diet based on the shunamite diet and also give them fresh food once a day.

Q: What food are rats allowed and not allowed to eat ?
A: Here is a list of the good,the bad and the deadly !

Q: My brother/sister/mum/dad/anyone else has complained about the rats smell, what can I do ?
A: Make sure you don't clean your rats out more than once a week as they will over compensate and try to make it smell of them again, having a litter tray helps which can be changed half way through the week but the thing I have found means I have absolutely no smell is a little air deodorizer called neutradol, they last about a month and are SO cheap, I cannot recommend them enough.

Q: Why can't I get a single rat instead of a pair ? 
A: Unless you already have same age company for a rat/kitten(baby rat) I will not sell or rehome a lone rat to you as rats are very very social animals and an get depressed if on their own,in my opinion no matter how much time you spend with them nothing beats having another ratty friend for them to talk to.

Q: Why shouldn't I go to a pet shop ? it's easier, quicker and in some shops cheaper.
A: This article although not in the UK shows why you shouldn't buy rats are things are very very similar over here, rodent farms are not nice places and by buying the poor rat you see in the shop unfortunately you're not saving it you are actually putting money straight in the rodent farm farmers hands to create 10 more. There is also the "hidden" costs, I breed rats to better their health and temperament and so it is less likely mine will have health issues where as the rodent farm farmer doesn't care how, where or in what health his rats will end up in/with. This is another good article. 

Q: How much do you charge for a pair of kittens ?
A: No matter what the coat/ear/gender type I charge £30 for a pair of kittens or £15 each when they go to keep your same age rat company.

Q: how long until I can pick up my rats ?
A: A rats gestation period or length or pregnancy is 21-23 days long from the date of successful impregnation and then from the day they are born to the day they can leave is 6-7 weeks, but they are well and truly worth the wait.

Q: What should I put in my rats cage ?
A: Rats are very intelligent bundles of fur and need lots of stimulation, their cage can be filled with hammocks, card board boxes, tubes, plastic houses (sputniks, savic circus's, and plastic tardis's), hanging treat sticks or balls, ladders, and many other things. Links to hammock websites will be on the links page.

Q: Do rats make good children's pets ?
A: Rats make fantastic children's pets, they generally don't bite, they are very happy to have cuddles and make for a very interesting animal to watch, if you have any worries then I am happy for you to bring your child over to meet my rats.

Q: What breeds do rats come in ?
A: Rats don't have breeds, they have varieties, a bit like Labradors,they come in brown,yellow and black where as rats have many, many different varieties. Check out this link to see what varieties there are.

Q: What varieties do you breed ?
A: I don't breed towards a specific variety, my guys are just bred to be bomb-proof pets, I do favour dumbo's and rex's though so that is mostly what I get out in a variety of coat colours and markings.

Q: Is there a homing questionnaire ?

A: Yes, we use homing applications to speed things up for you, it gives me all the basic information before we meet or talk on the phone.

For any further questions you may have please use the box on the top left to email me ! Thank you.