Labyrinth Rattery

 " You remind me of the babe"

Here are things of various ratteries/sites/advice etc I would recommend.

Hammock sites :
Fuzzbutt - fuzzy, plush and comfy in some amazing patterns.
Betty's beds - very cheap and durable.
Sarah's rat accessories - beautifully made and very affordable, the best hammock maker out there.
Ratpad Hammocks - they do made to order hammocks.
Snuggle Fuzzies - wonderful hammocks and some huge sizes.
Snuggle bug - some gorgeous material, very pretty.

Food, treats & everything else for your critters :
Ratrations - you couldn't find a better site for food !
Rat warehouse - there's not much you can't find here.

For you :

The NFRS forum - An infinitely useful site, it does cost to join but it will save you money in the long run and you will learn so much, a must do for any rat enthusiast.